Dear Friends,

I love words.  I have since I was little. I’d spend hours in my bedroom memorizing Shel Silverstein poems that I can still recite to this day.  I’m a sap for a good story that teaches me something (think Shauna Niequist ).  And I’m a big fan of the greatest love story ever written, the Bible.  I believe writing is a way to capture how the small, ordinary moments can result in an extraordinary life.

So here is my story.  These are my adventures.  I grew up in a bustling, Midwest suburb of Chicago, and have come down south to plant roots in Tennessee (I’ve been here 10 years now). It’s about my about my genuine love for the south, what I’ve learned here (like what “bless her heart” really means and how to manage hair in extreme humidity), and the funny mishaps I’ve had along the way (learning I’m a Yankee).  I’ve grown an endearing love for the people, the rich traditions, and the culture that has ultimately impacted who I am and how I am raising my family.

As a first generation Tennessean, I’m opening up about what it means to become southern.

So here is my daily experiment in southern living from a Midwest girl’s perspective.

Thanks for joining me,